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Offering the basic yet essential SEO services to its clients, KlmnWeb is coming forefront now. It’s been active behind the scene for over four years serving its clients across the SEO globe. Now, we thought – why not create a common platform to bring together our services to everyone. Hence, the inception of this project – KlmnWeb.

♦ Our First Step

Back in 2010, I along with a couple of my friends and my yet-to-become-wife, thought of creating a website at which we can present our services that we have been doing for clients for years. However, the project did not take off at that time, maybe due to the work load we were under or maybe we were not ready for that. Anyway, the concept was alive in our minds. Eventually, back in November, 2012, we bought this domain ( and started working on the site – designing, content writing, marketing and so. Now, we are live.

♦ Our Services

Being a very small firm, with a team of only five dedicated SEO professionals, we’ve started this venture on overall SEO services for our clients – from business clients to individual bloggers. We have expertise on a limited range of SEO aspects but what we do is the best we do in those sections, be it content writing, OnPage development, directory submission, guest posting or keyword analysis. We also help marketers such as busy businessmen or new bloggers create new blogs and sites on WordPress. We offer almost everything in this case – hosting, domain purchase, WordPress installation, premium theme, essential plugins, social media integration and many more in just one package. Our clients love this very much since they do not need to go helter-skelter to start a blog or site. In a nutshell, we’re a happy family with whatever we do for our clients.

♦ Our Blog

We have a blog on the site where we’d discuss the latest topics talking about SEO industry, WordPress, business tactics, entrepreneurship, sharing inspirational stories from successful businessmen in the world and the like. Hope you’d have a good time reading our posts. (It’s still in the infancy though). Let us know your thoughts and judgments on the articles by means of your valued comments. Leave your comments whenever you feel so. We’ll be delighted to have your participation in the discussion.

♦ Our Commitment

The primary objective of KlmnWeb is to help as many clients as possible on their overall SEO projects. Working with integrity and catering to the project demands of our clients are the motto of our KlmnWeb project. However, please do not construe that we charge for everything we offer. We love to help anyone who contact us for any SEO related queries. In fact, we try our best to answer to those questions asked to us. Please reach us for any question you feel we can answer or have a solution for this. We love bonding new relations with our readers and clients.

♦ Our Future Goal

We wish to expand our circumference and enhance our knowledge-base so that we can venture into other sectors of online marketing, SEO products and services along with a steady growth of our team strength. We’d really like to touch new heights.

Quality service is our fundamental goal and we believe in zero-compromise for this.

♦ Our Work Stations

Since we’re involved in an online service business, we have a virtual team. My wife and I work from our home-based work stations. Our other team members are connected with us from their individual work stations. All of us are, however, situated in the same city, Kolkata, and we meet once a week to discuss some business strategy. We plan to have our own office very shortly. But this is a secondary requirement for us. We aim at providing the best services to our clients and this means a lot to us, no matter where we are.

People behind KlmnWeb

Kalyan, a graduate from Assam University, has a varied work experience to his name. He started his career as an English teacher at a reputed private school in his hometown. After a year, he moved to Chennai and joined a company dealing with credit card banking. With an experience of two years in the credit card banking, he had to move to Kolkata for some personal reasons, There he joined a company which deals with something called SEO. That was completely a new sector to him. By degrees, he learnt the nitty-gritty of search engine optimization, WordPress, content writing, OnPage optimization and many more like these. In short, that career practically lead to the start of this project – KlmnWeb, which he co-founds along with his wife.

On a free day, Kalyan blogs at EasyEnglishLearning.Org sharing, learning and teaching English grammar online. Other than being on Internet, he likes to travel a lot, likes to crack jokes, spend good time with his friends and have fun. He’s social too. Find him at his facebook and Google plus profiles and network with him.

Biswadeep, a CCNA, RedHat and MCSE Certified and the proprietor of Om Technologies, Silchar offering a complete network support and hardware sales and services, has a vast and thorough experience in computer networking, business consultation and offline marketing. Here at KlmnWeb, he takes care of technical issues, website design concept, client management and all the marketing campaign. Moreover, he offers support and in-person consultation to organizations who have their business websites built from us. You can reach him at +91 9401559381 and his email address Give him a call and he will reach you with the best of your web solutions.

Munmun, an English graduate from Rajiv Gandhi University, Itanagar was a counselor at a reputed computer institute for over a year. Later she moved to another job, a chartered accountancy firm, dealing with business accountancy and business audits. She was there for over 3 years before she had a taste of SEO. After her marriage with Kalyan, she started learning online marketing, content writing and social media promotions. In less then a year, she became a partner of the today’s KlmnWeb project. Both Kalyan and Munmun, better known as KLMN, have worked together for clients on myriad online projects. Personally she loves blogging at Other than that it’s trying new cuisines that fascinates her most. Please find more of her in her facebook profile.

Besides, we have another three people working with us as a team. The number looks small but we’re a strong unit and strive to work best for our clients. Please follow us, circle us and like us on our social profiles. Stay connected and let us know how we can improve ourselves.

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