Thinking of starting a website of your own? Great idea. For this, you first need a domain name for your website. Registering for a domain name is not a rocket science but you should always take time to choice a name which suits your objective, your concept of the website and overall your brand name.

Since the registered domain will serve as your online identity over the internet, care must be taken to choose the right type of domain to get better results for your website. Additionally, you need to possess a clear understanding of various terms and conditions, expenses and other nitty-gritty’s before purchasing a domain.

top-level-domainsLet’s have a look at the below mentioned 10 important points prior to registering a domain.

  1. Look for a unique domain name: While registering a domain name, ensure that you choose a unique name for your domain rather than a one which has copyrights. If your domain name relates to a particular brand name or has any associated copyright feature, you may have to face certain legal hassles which might not be a very pleasant thing for you to start off with.
  2. Check out the price for renewing your domain: In many cases, you would find registrars charging very high prices for renewing your domain after offering a very cheap rate for first time registration. Beware of such fraud registrars and shop around a little more before zeroing on a company offering reasonable renewal rate.
  3. Be prompt in choosing your domain name: Try to register a domain name as soon as you have decided one so as to stop the registrars from grabbing the same and selling those as premium domain names at a much higher price. This is because the registrars feel that the names have a lot of value attached to them due to which people look for them in domain registrar sites. Try looking for other sites to get your domain name other than the ones provided by the registrars.
  4. Try avoiding companies who have the automatic renewal system to renew domain names: Ensure that the automatic renewal box is not ticked in your registrar user area otherwise you might end up getting billed automatically by your registered company in case if they have kept the automatic renewal option ticked by default.
  5. Check for and domain privacy protection feature: Many registered companies offer to sell domain privacy feature at an extra cost to help you make use of their contact information as well as reduce spam mails that you would otherwise receive. However, if you are running a business then it is advisable not to use such features as being transparent will only help you to build your market credibility in the long run.
  6. Do not go by the domain value appraisals: Try to do a thorough research before you decide on buying a domain name as many companies often show an exaggerated price for domains that are not worth the amount that has been quoted and term them as premium ones just to mislead the buyers. So keep an eye on this aspect as well.
  7. Don’t get into trap with companies that claim free registration: Very often while purchasing a domain; you might come across certain companies that offer for free domain registration. The offer might sound quite good to you but in most cases, this registration is free only for a year or so after which you would have to as usual pay the domain renewal fee at the year end.
  8. Don’t try to opt for any uncommon extensions: Since .com domains are the most preferred extensions for most people across the globe, it is advisable to use domains with such extensions rather than the ones which are less preferred or less familiar. Domains with extensions such as .net, .org are also quite popular so you can as well make a choice from amongst these.
  9. Try to find out if the domain is a resalable one: If you have purchased a domain on a resell basis, then you would need to wait for a period of 60 days for the ownership to get transferred into your name. Else it can lead to unnecessary confusion and hassles on your part.
  10. Avoid discussing about purchase of domain in public: If you mention about your intensions to register a domain name in public, then there are chances that someone might register the same even before you get to it. So safeguard such information to yourself without disclosing it to others.

Follow the above mentioned steps and hopefully you would be able to register for a domain without much of hassles or complications.