Why do you need a Content Writer?

(aka a ghost-writer)

Ghostwriting is something which allows you to invest more time and more resources into your business and leave the site content development onto us. Yes, we’ll relieve you of the regular task of writing on all your sites. Instead, this will be done by us. We’d write the content on your behalf.

What’s so good for you then?

In Short
  • You needn’t spend all your time in writing articles for your sites. We’re here to write for you.
  • All your sites will remain updated with regular and fresh content.
  • You may not run out of ideas since we will be here to assist you in this too.
  • You keep the option to read and review all the write-ups from us before they are live, if you wish so.
  • You can use the articles not only on your own sites but as a means of content marketing as well.
  • We even post the written articles on your blogs with all the proper formatting on your behalf.(should you create us an author or editor account)
  • You remain the sole owner of all the content written for you.
Long Description

Do rest assured

  • The written articles are not scraped from anywhere.
  • The articles are never duplicate ones taking phrases/sentences from elsewhere. We exclusively write them for you.
  • We never use your articles anywhere nor do we credit them to us.
  • You would never pay for a junk article that you do not like. Please allow us to correct any error that you may find on an article. (that will be a rare occasion though)
  • The articles are not written by a laymen and hence, they are grammatical error-free.
  • The articles are not sent to you without a proofreading.

How it works

  • You contact us for a ghostwriting service.
  • You give us a topic or a host of topics on which you want your content to be written.
  • You opt for a number of articles to be written on your behalf for your sites per month.
  • After you give us your requirements such as keywords, word counts and the like, we start researching on them.
  • We start writing the articles and send them to you as per our agreed schedule.
  • Along with the articles, we do send a report in a detailed manner containing titles of the articles, word counts, keywords and so.
  • We send the articles in a .doc format. (We can also send them in other formats to your liking).
  • You review the articles and use them on your sites.
  • If you want any modifications on the written stuff, you approach us and we make the changes immediately.
  • You pay us weekly for the approved articles. (you can also pay us on per-article basis)

With content writing on your behalf, you can work on other aspects of your business. We take pride in helping you in content generation. And, all of them will be top-notch and following all your guidelines. We may not replicate your writing style but we’d definitely try to go by your sense and essence. Your readers will love them the way they’d like yours. So, if you give us a chance, we would not disappoint you. You will continue to get fresh articles periodically.

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