Why an Optimized On-Page elements are a must?

Amongst all other important prerequisites of a website, such as reliable server, good content, back-link building, social media promotions, On-Page Development was and still is one of the most important elements of any website. In fact, the importance and necessity of On-Page optimization in a site is just going up day and day out. Your site must have a good architecture and basic yet essential On-Page stuff in order to stand out in the SERPs

How KlmnWeb can better your site’s On-Page

We fortify our clients’ websites with solid and fruitful On-Page optimization that actually works. So, what do we offer in this? Before that have a look at the checklists below and compare your sites.

  • Do you use meta tags such as meta description meta keywords on all your pages individually?on-page-seo
  • Do you think your site must have search engine friendly title tags?
  • Does your site use sitemaps both HTML and XML ones?
  • Do you just write content and do not bother much about your keywords and/or keyword density?
  • Do you use HTML headings such as H1, H2, H3 .. intelligently in your posts?
  • Do you make good effort to select the best of posts tags and relevant categories for each of your articles?
  • Do you use ALT tags in your images and useful titles for them?
  • Does your site has an SEO friendly permalink (URLs of your posts)?
  • How often do you interlink your posts with other relevant posts in your sites/blogs?
The above checklist is just a short listing of some of the important elements which an usual site must have for its On-Page optimization. I am not sure how you compare your site’s On-Page factors with those listed above. If you find some of them are missing on your site, it’s high time to optimize them. This is inevitable for any site.

Don’t worry, your site will still remain alive without any of those On-Page optimization factors. But you might be defeated in the race of SERP arena.

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How can we help you?

With regards to any On-Page task for your sites, we are here to help you out. If you follow good SEO practices and apply proper and necessary On-Page elements, your site will get more exposure in search engines and thus, you site rank will increase.

You must first make your sites presentable to both human eyes and then to search engines. For this, you must need fundamental architecture for your sites and then a good, white-hat and search engine understandable On-Page SEO. Without proper On-Page, your site will survive but can’t move fast.

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What do we offer by the way?

Okay, a lot has been talked about On-Page. Now what exactly we offer on On-Page SEO. Let’s find them below in a nutshell.

The following are the tasks which we’d love to do for your site in the On-Page sector.

  • Proper On-Page analysis of your sites. If there is something missing, we will fix them.
  • While checking, we will include the entire checklist which you just saw above. We will verify every aspect of your On-Page factors in the site.
  • We’ll analyze your entire site and present to you a free report. The report will cover all the information about your site. (learn more)
  • Based on the site report or your targeted keyword, we will make a thorough research of your keywords and come up with variations of your keywords. The variation is needed to avoid being penalized by search engines.
  • If your blog/site is having fancy (or default WordPress) permalink structures (URLs of your pages), we’ll create an SEO friendly permalinks so that look decent to both human beings and search engines. (this is very much needed though)
  • We will verify and add necessary html tags such as H1, H2 to titles and other subheads.
  • We’d add ALT tags and titles to your images which are missing them. Moreover, we will add dimensions to your images if already added.
  • If you’re running a WordPress blog, we will install necessary plugins with proper setting. Those plugins will take away your dependency from us or any other developers. You can then work on your own. (we’ll show you how to do things then)
  • We will check if your site has sitemaps (especially .XML sitemap); if not, then we will create them for you and submit them to Google and Bing webmasters tools.
  • We will get your primary or targeted keywords and interlink pages with the various forms of your keyword(s).
  • We’d help you create a Google + account and get your site verified on your official G+ page with the Google authorship markup so that you and your blog(s) get more exposure and brand promotions in SERPs. (this is very important these days).
  • We’d help you noindex and nofollow certain taxonomies in your site(s) which can potentially harm your site with the presence of duplicate content on your own site. (click here to know more about Taxonomy in WordPress)
  • If your site happens to have images too large to load properly, we’d optimize them to make minimal effect on your overall load time.

In short, we’ll just analyze your site completely and check out which is needed and which is not. If your site does not require any On-Page optimization, we’ll let you know and you can work on other aspects of the site.

Mere Off-Page work such as back-link building or social media promotions will never get to what you have created your site for

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