Why is Search Engine Optimization needed?

The answer to this question may be given by another question – “why do you want your website (read business) rank higher on search results”.

Your business won’t be considered a successful one until –

  • people know about this properly
  • you’re able to generate revenues from this
  • you do compete with other similar businesses
  • it’s online and it gets maximum exposure and brand promotion

That’s where Search Engine Optimization (popularly known as SEO) comes into play.

A good SEO can …

  • take your business to a high
  • take your online presence to the maximum visitors
  • let you convert your visitors into customers
  • get you a brand value and help you sustain this
  • allow you to find more avenues to generate revenue from your business
  • help you feel the urge to remain at the top in your industry
  • let you know others who are also competing in your niche
Short Description

What exactly we offer on SEO?

  • To rank higher on SEPRs, you need good backlinks. We’d build them to your site.
  • You give us your target keyword. We’d find variation of your keywords.
  • We start building natural backlinks with your keywords in your market.
  • We’d help more visitors to your site with the help of brand promotion
  • We do SMO (Social Media Optimization) to your site.
  • On the popular social networking sites, we will promote your site and thus increasing your sit traffic.
Long Description

Why I need to build links to my sites?

Backlinks are like votes to your sites, the more votes the better value. However, with backlinks, it’s not to be understood any links to your site. It’s true, all types of links count and add value to the growth. But by backlinks, we mean good quality links and not junk ones. Search engines, especially Google, are very fastidious about links pointing to a site. Google values only good quality back-links.

How all these work?

  • Once we get the deal from our clients, we hit the floor.
  • We start contacting webmasters of the niche from where clients want their links from.
  • We have a few sites of our own; we do ethical link exchanges with them.
  • We negotiate and finally convince them to add our (clients’) links. In return, we do the same for their sites too.
  • We are not a part of any network by which we get resources of backlinks. This is spam in a sense. (We strictly stay away from such network)
  • We prepare a list of all the links that we build to a site.
  • A report is prepared with the list along with other relevant info and we send it to the clients.
  • Our clients review them and pay us.
KlmnWeb only believes in quality SEO techniques. You’d pay us to see growth of your site’s ranking not number of your backlinks or so. Work with us and you’d never be required to ask for brand promotion. We are here to work with you. SEO takes time, but the time invested in is worth it. We work toward giving value for your money.

We make your site grow like a tree, steady and slowly but with proper nurture and nutrition. Links are like leaves and branches of your sites, the more in number they are the more robust and outstanding your site will be.

Take your business to a high

Opening a business is not enough, you need to get customers to your products and services. SEO does this for you.
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