Why do you need a website?

  • you want to take your business or organization online;
  • you want to start an eCommerce business;
  • you want earn revenue with a website;
  • you want to have a portfolio of your works;
  • you want to show your skills to the world;
  • you want to blog about your experiences and expertise; Or,
  • you just want to know how website is built. To all these answers,
Well, if you get the answer and wanna start a website right now, you’re absolutely at the right place


Professional, sleek and appealing

How do we build your online presence?

In Short....
  • You contact us and discuss your project;
  • We take the project from you;
  • We know your requirements;
  • We design the site to your requirements;
  • You check it on the project submission;
  • You get back to us for any tweaks or design customization;
  • You get satisfied;
  • We take the payment from you..
Long Description
  • We’d take preferred domain-name choice(s) from you.
  • We’d buy the domain(s) on your behalf from one of the best domains registrars in the industry. (you’ll be informed about this when you contact us)
  • We’d host the domain on a robust Linux server with 99.90% up-time guarantee. (See our web-hosting features).
  • Once the domain and the hosting are set up for your site, we install latest version of WordPress (from WordPress.org) on it.
  • We handle all the processes associated with a WordPress installation.
  • Once the site is live, we install a premium theme on this. (We’d show you the gallery of themes before they are applied. You can choose any of them anytime.)
  • Following this, we’d install necessary and very important WordPress plugins.
  • We’d create a sitemap for the blog and submit it in Google and Bing webmaster tools.#
  • We make necessary tweaks on our part to make the site/blog presentable and to your satisfaction.
  • Associated with the site/blog(s), we’d create accounts in the most popular social sites like Facebook, Google plus, Twitter, LinkedIn and so.#
  • We design those business profiles/pages for the domain and integrate them into the site/blog.
  • Eventually, we’d present the site/blog(s) to you. You might sometimes request us for some minor changes or modifications. We’d make those changes accordingly.
  • Once you’re satisfied with your final product and our way of creating the site/blog, we’d submit the project (site/blog) to you with all the access details.
  • You’d pay us and we take it with a smile.

A Complete Package

  • Hosting – we’d also host your website and handle any sort of hosting related queries. You can opt for your own hosting, by the way.
  • Domains – we’d buy your domain(s) and configure this to the server. If you have your own domain, you need to send this to us only.
  • Custom Themes – We will create a new child theme for your needs like any e-commerce/WooCommerce theme which will be completely custom designed for you.
  • Setup – we’d install the CMS (WordPress) and start developing your website.
  • Design – we’d custom-design your website to your requirements. We, for sure, discuss this with you and keep you posted about the progress.
  • Backups – we’d backup your site or you also do this from your end.
  • Emails  – we’d create business email accounts (e.g. info@yourdomain.com) for you and set up on a Gmail account.
  • Renewals – we’d send reminder mails to you for the renewals of your domain(s) and hosting. If you wanna do your yourself, we’d also help you in this.

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