Do you need Website Maintenance?

Yes, you do. Because
  • You have too short time to look after your site;
  • You need to concentrate more on your real business than a website;
  • You know how to maintain a website but you need experts to do this;
  • You can’t handle all these web issues. Can someone help?
  • You can’t give a regular schedule to your website;
  • You want to learn how to manage a site so that you can do this in the future on your own.
Short Description

What do we offer on Website Maintenance services?

  • We become your virtual assistance as far as your website management goes.
  • We update your site software regularly
  • We take backups of your files and content so that you never lose them in the case of web calamity.
  • We keep optimizing your OnPage structure so that your site always remains junk-free.
  • We look after the security issues and fix an issue when it occurs.
  • We keep optimizing your large images and files as you keep adding them to your site.
  • We maintain the performance and speed of your site.
  • We analyze your site’s visitors and traffic using Google analytics and send you regular reports
Long Description

How the process works

  • We (at present) maintain only websites which are built on the popular CMS WordPress.
  • We’d take administrative assess to your site .
  • An FTP account and your WordPress admin account credentials are needed.
  • We do not ask for Domain Control panel account credentials or hosting account details. If required, we’d instead walk you through to do this.#
  • We take backups, update plugins, WordPress software on a regular basis.*
  • You can reach us for any question via our support desk or personal chats on Skype or Google hangouts.
  • We monitor your site’s speed and keep checking its performance on popular web tools and send you a report on a periodic basis.**
  • We’d analyze your Google analytics accounts and send you the report on – visitors counts, traffic source, demographic information and the like.
# this is for the utmost security on your domain control and your business.
* Details would be mentioned when you contact us for a quote.
** We’ll disclose those tools which we may use to monitor your site’s performance

Do we have other related services?

  • Content Management : Yes we do offer content management. If you have a blog or wish to upload articles to your site on a periodic basis, you can simply send them to us in the form of email attachments. We will format them, apply necessary HTML and CSS to style them, add relevant internal links and publish it. Once published, we will also share the articles or blog posts on your social accounts so that you get instant traffic. If allowed or if possible by us, we can also reply to the comments posted to your articles. We maintain a real time shareable documents and post your published articles so that you have a quick look on all your posts any time.
  • Domain registration and hosting : We also offer domain registration and excellent hosting packages. Should you need either or both of them, you would be extra charged for this. However, the price will be lower for you.
  • Documentation : Other than manage your site, we also send you a detailed documentation as to how you can operate your site’s admin panel, change passwords, do blog posts and so. This documentation is just a learning experience for you in case you need this in the future.
  • Tech Support : If you ever come across an issue with regards to your site which you wish to resolve on your own but you need help, you can ask this to us and we will be happy to walk you through the process. Moreover, you can always email us, chat with us, call us or have a video Google hangouts in case you have a question or if you have a specific request which you want to apply on your site. Attending your request, we will discuss options and work accordingly to your requirements. In most case, there will be no charge at all. However, if the request needs a good amount of time, an additional price can be levied. We’d finalize these upon discussion.

Sometimes it’s good leave tasks to people who are trained to do these. We keep you stick to your actual business and you can leave your web maintenance works to us.

Let us get our hands dirty

You do the best the you do – your business.. we do the best to your site  – proper web maintenance. Period.
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