Backlinks give you ranking – I mean quality backlinks

Known fact it is that backlinks with proper anchor texts give ranking to your sites for your chosen keywords. True – absolutely true. But, did I say only backlinks? No way – let me make this elaborate – only quality backlinks give your sites a boost on SERPs. Your site, along with proper OnPage, content, social networking promotions, need quality backlinks pointing to your chosen landing pages. And, those links should revolve round those keywords which you target for your site. Of course, the anchor texts should be varied while building links on them.

Why I need to build links to my sites?

Backlinks are like votes to your sites, the more votes the better value. However, with backlinks, it’s not to be understood any links to your site. It’s true, all types of links count and add value to the growth. But by backlinks, we mean good quality links and not junk ones. Search engines, especially Google, are very fastidious about links pointing to a site. Google values only good quality back-links.

Post Google penguin update, links from anywhere by any means are not only discounted, but penalized severely.

So, you need to be careful while building links to your sites. You can say this is a necessary evil these days. Why? – you must have links to take your sites higher on SERPs since backlinks are counted as one of the core factors of 200 on which Google ranks a page on SERPs. But, if you’re just reckless and callous of your link structure, your sites may suffer a hit.

You gotta go slow but steady while building links to your sites.

Okay, so exactly what you offer on link building?

  • Our clients contact us to build links to their sites ethically.
  • They give us their targeted keywords and sometimes a few variations of them.
  • On occasions, clients ask to build links on open URLs of their sites. We abide by them.We also suggest some variations of their given keywords to avoid link pattern.
  • Sometimes, there may be particular requirements of links such as – links from that much PageRank page, domain authority and so. We work accordingly.
  • We understand the specific niche they want their links from. (We stress on relevancy factor though)
  • Once all is set, we start contacting webmasters for links.
  • Our clients pay us either per-link wise or on a given project. We discuss this with them and settle down on one.

How do you work on backlink building?

  • Once we get the deal from our clients, we hit the floor.
  • We start contacting webmasters of the niche from where clients want their links from.
  • We have a few sites of our own; we do ethical link exchanges with them.
  • We negotiate and finally convince them to add our (clients’) links. In return, we do the same for their sites too.
  • We are not a part of any network by which we get resources of backlinks. This is spam in a sense. (We strictly stay away from such network)
  • We prepare a list of all the links that we build to a site.
  • A report is prepared with the list along with other relevant info and we send it to the clients.
  • Our clients review them and pay us. (We take the payment with a smile. 🙂 )
Make your site grow like a tree, steady and slowly but with proper nurture and nutrition. Links are like leaves and branches of your sites, the more in number the more robust and outstanding your site will be.

But do keep this in mind –

Quantity multiply the leaves in number, but quality fortifies the root in sense

KlmnWeb only believes in quality link building. You’d pay us to see growth of your site’s ranking not number of your backlinks. Work with us and you’d never be required to ask for links from others. We are here to work with you. Link building takes time, but the time invested in is worth it. We work toward giving value for your money.

to your success



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