The main idea behind achieving top Google SEO Results is to gain top rankings for the site, or first page, perhaps getting the numero uno position, or the first position. This is the slot for which all sites compete, but only few really make it to the top slot. The main ingredient to get top Google ranking is obviously quality and relevance, the keywords need to be just 2-4 words, catchy and well remembered. Besides this, the most important aspect is that the pages should be for users and not for search engines. Hosting pages for search engines with no value for ultimate users serve very little if no purpose, really. Other important aspects are in terms of relevance, authoritative, good and useful content value, in service for some time, loaded with useful data, quick loading, no broken links or call other links or having low grade keywords. While these are some of the important cues for gaining top Google SEO results, it is now necessary to consider how social networking sites could help achieve top Google results or high rankings. There are indeed many ways through which it is possible to manipulate social networks to enhance Google visibility and rankings.


There are real risks that low quality contents could be obliterated by future Algorithm modifications in SERP by Google, and so action needs to be taken to avoid such situations:

Google could, in future, design and implement changes in algorithm that would be intended to weed out low value results from the SERPs. This has already once taken place through Google Penguin updates in April 2012, and Google is going all out against black hat SEO techniques that use unauthorized or illegal short cuts or illicit strategies to reach to the top rankings, including the use of artificially created back links. Thus, it is necessary that through integration of Social Media network strategies which is just going to be explained, the right and ethical means and methods of Search Engine Optimizations take place in friendly and non conflict zones. Since high rankings are connected with content quality and this could be induced through social networking and gaining backlinks through social networking.

1. Using social networks to generate robust content ideas and innovative materials

Rather than seeking recourse to artificial backlinks, the rich content value itself could induce great deal of positive feedbacks and gaining of back links through original, innovative and ingenious methods. Social networking sites are indeed great places for getting ideas for future content marketing materials and full use of this should be made. Thus, it is possible to get ideas from Facebook, Twitter, Lindedin, Pintrest, Orkut, MySpace and others that could offer avenues for content, which could translate into high quality posts, which in turn could help improve rankings. Thus the powers of social networks to help achieve top rankings in Google SEO results is indeed palpable and real but needs to be properly routed and strategized.

2. Motivate building of back links by the presence and use of Social Media

Social media are indeed very useful in terms of building backlinks to websites and both Google and Bing would testify to the fact that they view publicly shared links in Facebook and Twitter. Thus it is important that the following strategies be build:

Strategies for using SMN to boost SEO Rankings:

  1. Strong Network building in Facebook and Twitter, among others
  2. Tying created blogs to Facebook and Twitter accounts so that links to posts are automatically created in profile
  3. Use of update-scheduling tool, possibly Buffet that could create and enforce repeat announcements of new blog posts that facilitate reach to active users during different times
  4. Setting up of Google+ page could ensure that positive votes could weigh favorably in terms of search ranking algorithms. It is indeed worth a try and nothing to lose, Page here could really boost SEO rankings.

3. Reduce dependencies on one Search Engine by seeking out alternatives like social sharing buttons and brand equity:

There is nothing to buffer firms from the results of adverse actions like that of Google Penguin so it is better to be safe rather than sorry. So it would be necessary to strategize in terms of using major social sharing buttons in blog posts, inviting readers to share your useful posts in their social networking profiles and deploying social media to gain brand value as figure of immense authority and leadership within the industry. This is necessary since search engines do determine leadership a major influencing factor for rankings and also gaining better and more revisits and referrals

Conclusion: In fast changing and competitive world of SEO, it is necessary and important that best strategies that suit the times and changing technology are put into place, not only to thwart the impacts of competiveness but also to gain the benefits of competition in one’s business. By integrating Social Media Networking to SEO rankings in constructive and positive ways, it is WIN-WIN situation for both as both stand to gain and prosper, leaving the competition, far, far behind.

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