KlmnWeb Terms of Services

Please go through these terms of our services which will be in the mutual benefit both of us.
Thank you for choosing KlmnWeb Firm for your website services.

Following are the terms of services with respect to our website building package. By having a website hosted, built and designed with KlmnWeb Firm, you agree to be bound by its terms of services detailed below.

Acceptance of Terms

You need to abide by the terms put forward by the KlmnWeb Firm for the utmost commitment towards its customers across the globe. You’re, however, supposed to go through the entire terms and policies of KlmnWeb Website building services and follow them to the T.


KlmnWeb Firm does not hold copyright on the websites built for its clients in whatsoever manner. However, you are not permitted to use the logo of KlmnWeb firm; share or disclose the sales brochures and quotation mails that we may have sent to you. Moreover, you agree not to divulge our support tickets that you may raise from time to time with us with respect to any website related issues that may arise. They should be strictly protected from misuse. However, you are free to distribute our promotional emails or flyers or business cards that we may send you periodically.

User Accounts

We continue to monitor your website performance from our end on a regular basis following our commitment towards customer services and security. However, we reserve the right to suspend your account in case any suspicious activity is found on your account. A suspicious activity may include but not limited to –

  • trying to crack the software used to build this website;
  • a deliberate attempt to change or modify or delete any core files used to build this website;
  • a brute-force attack to gain control of your account
  • a malicious code is injected into the website’s files.

In these (rare case) scenarios, we may suspend your account(s) temporarily. You will be notified through proper channel by the way. However, during this suspension, your website will remain down and your website may remain inaccessible to none of the users present on your account including the administrator. You’re however, advised to immediately report this to our support desk so that we can have a deep look into this. Please be informed that we cannot guarantee a timeframe to clean up your account in case there is a hacking attempt on your site and you have lost control on it. However, we will work on a war-foot to sort things out at the earliest and deliver the clean website to you. You are highly advised to notify us if you think your account is compromised or if you find difficulty in operating the same. Moreover, do keep your local computer malware free since this may cause a big harm to your account.

Administrative Privileges

As part of one of our fundamental policies, we do not control our clients’ websites nor do we enter clients’ accounts without their permission. However, if need arises, we may seek permission to enter your website to make some software updates. We may also enter your website if we feel that your user account is compromised or any suspicious activity is prevalent on your website. We may also enter your website if we’re convinced that you are taking too much of CPU usages not meant to be allotted to you or if you are not following the standard format of website maintenance. In all these cases, you will be properly notified and properly educated as how you can make your website perform better and keep your account secure.

Technical Aspects

  1. All the websites are built using HTML 5 and CSS 3, the latest web standards in the market. The servers where all the websites are hosted are adorned with latest Php version. Hence, it will be difficult for us to guarantee that all the sites built by KlmnWeb with the latest web technology in the market are compatible with all the browsers out there, especially those which are outdates at present like IE8 or less. This is a common fact with all the popular websites present in the web arena. We are no exception as well. However, we put our best effort to make the websites cross-compatible with all the browsers. We also tend to leave a disclaimer at the bottom footer of the websites indicating which browser can render the website in a proper way. All websites are rendered very neatly on all modern browsers and they are in line of W3C standard by all means.
  2. It’s expected from our clients that they operate their websites from computers which are free from all malicious software and they are regularly updated with the best of internet security. KlmnWeb Firm does not hold responsibility in case an account is compromised since a user’s computer was left vulnerable to hacking attacks.
  3. You’re also assumed to change your passwords and keep them as strong as possible to make sure your account remains safe and secure from brute force attacks from time to time. Even though we monitor your websites and its files, we cannot guarantee nor can we be held responsible for the loss of accessibility to your account. If such thing occurs, you are required to reach us at the earliest with proper details so that we can act fast and fix the issue and get back your website in time.
  4. You are NOT expected to change any file or touch any section of the website which you have no knowledge about. Do not work on anything you are not sure about. You need to reach us for any issues that you feel you need assistance from our support team. KlmnWeb Firm is not responsible if your admin account remains inaccessible or if your website is down due to some non-expected activity from your end on your websites’ installations.

Website Content

As part of our core business values, we do not allow or promote any content on any our websites that are not socially acceptable or non viewable to all sorts of visitors. You’re not allowed to promote or keep any adult or socially provoking materials in your websites in the form of images or write-ups or paid advertisements that general viewership does not associate with. If such things are found from our random checks, we will immediately contact you and ask you to get rid of that content at the earliest. Not complying with our policy, after repeated requests, we reserve the right to suspend your account until you contact us and agree to remove those non acceptable materials. Please make an effort to understand that we insist on this policy since we want all the websites hosted and built by us are viewable and accessible by all sorts of viewers and thus making your web presence more enjoyable, approachable and general.


The website and all its access details will be completely handed over to you if there is no pending balance against your project package that we have quoted. We may keep certain access to us if a portion of your payment is yet to be made towards the package.
The renewal charges are usually set forth at the time you make a deal with us. However, the prices may go high as part of our policy or dollar value in the international markets after a gap of a year or so. We do not force anything to our clients into making exorbitant payments towards package renewals. But discretion is highly expected from you in this case following the fact that our firm can raise the package price any time without any notice to our existing clients. But we would surely send policy updates emails to our clients in case this happens so. Moreover, you’d be free to move to any hosting environment if you feel that our prices are too high to hold your websites and support that we provide along the way.

Customer and Technical support

We provide extensive support towards any technical issue that may arise with your website. You are free to reach us anytime if you are stuck somewhere in operating the website or if your website is down for any reasons. However, please be informed that we do not provide major customization support to your packages if you demand or require from us. A major customization may include but not limited to –

  • any functionality change,
  • modification in core files,
  • new logo creation,
  • structural changes,
  • new mails account creations,
  • new page building or so.

These changes may invite a charge for the implementation. You are advised to contact our sales department with regards to this. You’re however, free to contact us anytime if you think you need to update your CMS software, need a modification on the color of certain part of the website or change the alignment of something on your website. Moreover, we’d also extend our support in case you are stuck or forget to operate a section of your website. We will give you updates on this via mails or phone calls.

KlmnWeb Firm Brand Promotions for Commercial Purposes

We reserve the right to showcase the website we build for our clients. We may use your websites for our brand promotions and commercial campaign. Your websites may be featured in our business website, in our social media profiles, and print newspapers and in any other offline mode of advertisement. We may or may not consult you before showcasing our work in any form of advertisement for commercial brand promotions. Please rest assured we shall not attempt to defame your brand or product. We would just promote those websites that we have built for our clients. We would no way use any means to defile your online presence in whatsoever manner now shall we use inflated terms to promote our brand that may not associate the final product we have submitted to you. The entire process will be transparent and non-influencing. In any case, however, if you feel that your product should not be used in the promotions, you can reach us and make a request to put it down. We promise to look into your concern and take actions accordingly.

Policy Update

We presume that you will check our policy updates mails sent to you periodically. It’s your responsibility to go in line with those policies and terms. You can dispute any issue that you feel it should not associate with your package.

Feel free to contact us if you feel that we have missed out anything on our Terms of Services or if we need to update/modify anything more on those terms. We are always at your services providing the best of services and products.

KlmnWeb Firm

Updated On: 3 March, 2014

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