wordpress-logo-blog-minThe new version of WordPress 3.6 launched on 1st of August, 2013 is grabbing everyone’s attention now-a-days. In order to maintain the popularity of WordPress, the community which is closely working around it is continuously striving to bring in more innovative features as well as attempts at bringing new WordPress versions in every three months to make it more efficient and useful for its end users.

Most of the features incorporated within the WordPress are basically based on the ideas which are collected from users sharing them in different platforms like the ideas forum, support forums, plugins, and some developer’s idea and a variety of such other sources. The most talked about features of the new WordPress 3.6 is its great theme known as “Twenty Thirteen” and an introduction of the new revisions tool which is invariably drawing the attention of most WordPress users.

Let’s take a look at some of the new features of WordPress 3.6 below:

  • The post locking feature: If you have a multiple author blog powered by WordPress, then the post locking feature can be of great use. It is basically a kind of an editorial feature which would allow only the website administrators and authors to lock a particular post that has been published and prohibiting other users to make any unnecessary edits to the posts.
  • Enhanced Auto-save feature: This new and improved feature helps the user to automatically save a post while editing and save the data from getting lost due to expired cookies, loss of internet connection, plugin errors, browser crashes, operating system crashes and other navigational errors. You can continue to edit your post even after keeping your browser idle for a long time so that even if the browser of the cookie expires, all you need to do is give your login credentials again to continue with your editing job on posts.
  • Enhanced post revision: This feature is grabbing the maximum attention of most WordPress users since the launch of WordPress 3.6. With the help of this feature, you can view the post revisions clearly due to the improved User interface and the provision of a slider also helps you to easily identify the difference and the changes which are highlighted with colors and visual elements for different revisions to the post.
  • The Great New Theme of Twenty Thirteen: The latest and the most sought after update for WordPress 3.6 is the “Twenty Thirteen” theme which is an added advantage for tablet and Smartphone users to view their websites. The theme uses lots of bold colors and looks great on different screen sizes, resolutions and devices.Additionally it has a single column layout and a sidebar on the footer area where you can add all the widgets of your choice. This theme also has a very unique type of font unlike other WordPress themes which enhances the readability for its users to a great extent.
  • Inclusion of audio and video features: The WordPress 3.6 has an in built HTML5 media player which you can use to embed audio and video contents into posts instead of just adding them to the WordPress pages and also without the aid of any plugins or other tools or devices. Hence, it gets an edge over the previous WordPress releases due to the inclusion of such exciting additional features as mentioned above.

Undoubtedly, the WordPress 3.6 release with its cool and useful features is an innovative step taken by WordPress team to make it more and more useful for its users and make it the best blogging platform for many bloggers and internet professionals as well. So have fun and enjoy while experimenting the new features of the WordPress 3.6.